Thursday, June 09, 2011

LBC Charity Shop makes £18 000 profit in first year of trading!

Santavajri from Triratna’s London Buddhist Centre writes with news of their new Right Livelihood charity shop, Lama’s Pyjamas - and the healthy profit they’ve made in their first year of trading!

She says - “Lama’s Pyjamas is the London Buddhist Centre’s new charity shop in Bethnal Green. We sell clothes, bric-a-brac, CDs, DVDs, videos, toys, cards, jewellery, small items of furniture, books, and more. In fact, the only things we don’t sell are electrical goods and larger pieces of furniture. During the 17 months we’ve been open, we’ve sold all manner of weird and wonderful things, including bicycles, designer watches, and a wedding dress!

“The shop is a women’s team-based right livelihood business managed by a team of three, with another 10 or so volunteers and casual workers.

“In our first year, our gross takings were £73 000, of which £18 000 was profit. We employed three full-time workers on Right Livelihood support and paid a market rent for the premises. After re-investing some of the profit in the business, we were able to give £11 000 in dana to the LBC.

“It would seem that, in these times of economic hardship, charity shops can do very good business! We would be happy to share the experience we’ve gained over the last year with anyone in Triratna who is considering setting up a similar venture. Please email, or for more information.

They have a website at

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Anonymous Bahiya said...

Congratulations on a brilliant and creative initiative. A great example of a right livelihood business that should inspire other regional Centres.


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