Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Click to Listen" from Free Buddhist Audio

Free Buddhist Audio

Spreading the Dharma

Sharing our Practice

Connecting our
Community Worldwide

Free Buddhist Audio is the online source for Dharma talks and meditation resources from the Triratna Buddhist Community. We are visited by people all over the world, with 150,000 users every year accessing more than 1000 talks from 11 different countries. And since we launched at the end of 2006, we have served over 1 million Dharma downloads!

The FBA team has just revamped the home page with an important message from our Director, Candradasa:

Click to Listen!

In order to provide our services at Free Buddhist Audio, we depend on the support of our community of users. Websites like ours are complex and cost a lot to maintain, and while many have given generously over the years it still surprises us that less than 1% of people who download ever make a contribution to the site.

So, if you appreciate the work of Free Buddhist Audio please consider making a supporting contribution now. You make it possible for us to spread the Dharma throughout the world... Thank you!

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