Friday, April 15, 2011

Wildmind celebrate ten years of online meditation teaching

Just over ten years ago — on March 12, 2001 to be exact — Wildmind’s first-ever online meditation course kicked off. Founded by Bodhipaksa, it offered an innovative combination of online readings, audio guided meditations, discussion forum, and a personal journal in which students could have an intimate discussion about their evolving meditation practice with their teacher, and receive personal guidance and encouragement.
He says - “The fact that we’re still running these classes after 10 years is a testament to their success. (Heavens! Ten months is a long time on the internet!) And we plan to keep running these courses. But we’re also offering something new, and very, very exciting...”

On their website you’ll find details of their new offering - live meditation courses by videoconference. These started in April, with Bodhipaksa leading an ongoing donation-based workshop for people beyond the beginners’ level, exploring techniques for freeing the mind from negative states such as fear and anger, showing participants how to cultivate positive states such as calmness, contentment, and loving-kindness. He goes on to say, “Videoconferencing is no longer just for executives in glass towers. Advances in videoconferencing technology mean that it’s now possible, using Skype’s free software, for us to have live classes online. Live teleconferencing allows for a sense of closeness and intimacy, spontaneity, the ability to have your questions answered and for discussion to emerge. This is an incredible opportunity to join a small online community of people committed to deepening their meditation practice”.

Details are on the Wildmind website here .

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