Friday, April 08, 2011

One-Year Ordination Training Course offered at Padmaloka

Aryabandhu writes from Triratna's Padmaloka Buddhist Retreat Centre with breaking news of a great opportunity for any men seeking ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order.  He says "We are planning to run a one year intensive ordination training course for men from January to December 2012.  There aren’t many places in our movement these days where you can fully immerse yourself in a spiritual life and train for ordination. So we’re creating one here at Padmaloka.

"Come and live at Padmaloka for a year and take part in all the Going for Refuge retreats, and most of our other retreats - we will finalise the programme later in the year. There will also be time for your own study and travel and a bit of time to work with the community.

"We don’t guarantee that you get ordained at the end of it … but we do hope it can significantly speed up the process! The Ordination team is enthusiastic about this initiative.

"We think it will cost about £5000, but as an introductory offer we are asking for £3000, which includes board, lodging and all retreats. You may even be able to reduce this by up to 50%. Windhorse:Evolution might be able to offer £1000 off, if you work there for 3 or 4 months this autumn, and also Karuna might be able to offer £500, if you do a six-week fundraising appeal with them, half way through the course in June 2012.”

Places are limited to 4 men.  Apply by writing to Aryabandhu at Padmaloka: or call 01508 538112, or visit the Padmaloka homepage.

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An excellent initiative. I hope it gets a full take up.


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