Monday, April 04, 2011

News from windhorse:evolution

windhorse:evolution ( is Triratna’s largest right livelihood business, with well over 100 people at their Cambridge warehouse and a chain of 17 shops around the UK, all aiming to make money to give away to the Triratna Community and to social projects associated with its suppliers. It’s been a challenging time for them with the UK recession, but they’ve weathered the storm so far and Deborah, their new Communications Officer, writes with an update from Keturaja, saying - “Coming towards the end of this financial year, we can say we've done very well. We are expecting to make a similar profit to last year, around £100,000, which is a great achievement in these challenging economic times.

“Everyone in the business has contributed, from increasing wholesale and websales, to careful buying and controlling costs across the whole business. Our wholesale sales have continued their strong performance with sales for the first 9 months of the year 4% up on last year. The trading year for our 17 evolution shops has been more mixed, particularly with the heavy snow hitting our sales in December, although we fared quite well compared to the general market trend.

“Looking ahead, it is a strong aim for the business to increase profit next year, so we can give more money away, to make a difference out there in the world. The effect of the increase in VAT and cuts in government expenditure are likely to provide us with challenges, but we are keen to take advantage of lower property rents and hope to open one or two more shops this coming year. Our altruistic goal is very important - our set up for practice here is great and it gains an edge by having the aim to give money away. This year the Windhorse Trust has donated to several Buddhist projects and social projects in the communities of our suppliers, including: Free Buddhist Audio, Clear Vision, Windhorse Publications, Ban Rom Sai (an orphanage in Thailand , and Green Tara Trust, a maternal healthcare project in Nepal (

Vidyavajra's 'A Show of Hands' artwork,
representing the individual and collective efforts
of those who work at Windhorse
“Another aim for the year ahead is to continue our practice of Buddhist values and ethos at work. Uddiyana, where we work, already feels more like a beautiful shrine than a modern warehouse and offices, and Vidyavajra has been making more great improvements to the building, including his recent artwork 'A Show of Hands'. Arthapriya will be expanding his contribution as right livelihood convenor for the business, and Saddharaja will be giving a series of talks on Right Livelihood (more news on this to come soon).

“For more about us, you can now find us on facebook!  Look for windhorse:evolution to find more images, information and videos, and make friends with us to receive updates. Also, look out for our new magazine, available from Triratna Buddhist Centres around the world this week”.

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