Monday, April 11, 2011

New Chairs for Triratna in Belgium

Following last week’s story about the upcoming European Triratna weekend to be held in Gent, there’s more news from there, with the announcement of their recent change of chairmanship. Dhammaketu, founder of the ‘Triratna-boeddhistisch centrum Gent’ is stepping down after 15 years at the helm, to be replaced by two of his younger students. Arthakusalin (shown right), and one of the new co-chairs, writes to say -

“On Thursday 24th March there was a change of guards in the Triratna centre of Ghent, Belgium. For fifteen years Dhammaketu was an excellent chair and now he is handing over his responsibilities to myself and Upekshadaka (shown below).

“This event was well attended by the sangha as well as by a Belgian zen teacher and two people from the Jikoji tradition. After a rejoicing in the many qualities and merits of Dhammaketu, the responsibilities were handed over in the context of a sevenfold puja.

"The new chairs even received a real hammer to use in a skilful but decisive way! It was an evening where joy, friendship and the Three Jewels were celebrated.

“With metta! Arthakusalin

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Anonymous Nityabandhu said...

al het beste, kan de gent sangha gedijen!


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