Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Two awards for Triratna social projects in India

Milind Shakya, an Indian Order Member from Triratna’s Bahujan Hitay social project in Pune, writes with news of two major awards recently awarded to their women's projects.  He says - “We are pleased to inform you that our Bahujan Hitay Girls Hostel in Latur and our Jeevak Women’s Project  in Pune have been honoured with two valuable awards in memory of “Ahilayabai Holkar” by the Government of Maharashtra, Child and Welfare Dept.

"The awards were  presented by the hands of Mr. Prithviraj Chawan, Chief Minister of the Govt of Maharashtra,  on this occasion many dignitaries were present, including  Mr. Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister, and Mrs Varsha Gaikwad, Minister for Woman and Child Welfare, plus. Mr. Laxman Jagtap, MLA.  This award contains Rs. 25000/- a Trophy, and a Certificate".

Karunaprabha, who works for the projects concerned,  adds - “The Award is given in memory of Ahilayabai Holkar wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahilyabai_Holkar. a social reformer who worked for the welfare of the Indian Women and fought for the women rights, in the 18th Century.  This Award is for doing Best Work in the Pune Division and also for the Best NGO in the Pune Division". 


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Anonymous jnanadhvaja Dhammachari said...

Heartiest congratulations!

it's very good news indeed, and inspiring to those who work for the welfare of humanity.

i am not surprised by the news, as two of those projects belong to Triratna Buddhist Order who is dedicated for practicing and spreading of the Buddha Dhamma, which teaches equality,freedom, brotherhood and justice to all.

very well done! keep it up.
jnanadhvaja Dhammachari.

Blogger Munisha said...

Oh, hearty sadhus from north Manchester!

with metta, Munisha

Blogger jeet said...

it feels better !!!!!!!!!!


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