Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dhivan publishes second novel, 'Eglantine Dream'

 Dhivan writes from Cambridge UK with news of the publication of his second novel, saying - “Hello, having self-published my first novel, Green Eros, in 2008, I've felt emboldened to complete and publish another - eglantine dream.

“Whereas my first novel dealt with the challenges of love and philosophy in fictionalised north Lancashire, the new one is set in an entirely imaginary world rather different from ours. It's an adventure story, of a sort, set in a vividly realised other world”. 

On the back-cover we learn Gerald Garposier is a master of the Academy, an institution of the proud and ambitious people who call themselves the Hens. But when he decides to investigate the Haeras – who are everywhere among the Hens but completely ignored – he finds himself cast out of the Academy and alienated from his people. Meanwhile Kala, a woman of the Haera people, is looking for him, and when she finds him, they begin an adventure together that will change everyone’s lives, travelling beyond the borders of their land to a hidden tower of the Eglantine...

Both books are available via Dhivan’s publishing site apus press

Dhivan is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and author of a recently-published book on the Buddha’s Teaching on Conditionality: ‘This Being, That Becomes’, available from Windhorse Publications.  

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