Saturday, March 26, 2011

16 Vajrasattvas seek homes throughout the world

Samudradaka writes from his home in Saudi Arabia with news of a fund-raising appeal he's initiated for Sahaja, an Order Member and artist from the North of England - well-known up there for his bold welded sculptures at Padmaloka, Birmingham and Manchester, among other places. He says -

"You may already know who Sahaja is, as for many years he created powerful and dramatic sculptures from scrap metal, some of which live in Triratna centres such as the Manchester Buddhist Centre.  Recently he's begun painting vibrant and expressive paintings including a new series of 16 Vajrasattvas – one for each of the 16 lines of the Vajrasattva mantra that he chants as part of his Buddhist practice.

"Sahaja is currently in a very difficult financial situation and to help him these 16 paintings are for sale as part of a fund-raising appeal.  The appeal target is to raise £7000. You can buy one of these paintings for £432 – but please consider paying more!

"This is a unique opportunity for you to buy one of these exciting new paintings and to give a home to one or more of this unique family of Vajrasattvas.

For more info and to buy visit:  And here's the Vajrasattva Mantra itself -

om vajrasattva samaya
dṛḍho me bhava
sutoṣyo me bhava
supoṣyo me bhava
anurakto me bhava
sarva siddhiṃ me prayaccha
sarvakarmasu ca me
cittaṃ śreyaḥ kuru hūṃ
ha ha ha ha hoḥ
bhagavan sarvatathāgata
vajra mā me muñca
vajrī bhava
āḥ hum phat!

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