Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Triratna Buddhist Community on Film

Maitreyaraja writes from Triratna's London Buddhist Centre with news of their upcoming day “The Triratna Buddhist Community on Film”. He says - “On Saturday 19 March Subhuti and Suryaprabha are hosting ‘Earth Rising Heaven Descending’ at the LBC. This is a real opportunity to see the story of Triratna told on film in the presence of both Suryaprabha - the films’ director - and Subhuti - one of Triratna’s principle pioneers, innovators, and teachers.

“There’s four separate films - Background, Once Free, Recurring Dream, and The Rainbow - which between them cross four continents capturing something of the essence of Triratna by showing how it as a spiritual community is evolving and changing in the twenty-first century.

“Besides the films themselves, there’ll be plenty of time to discuss them and ask Subhuti and Suryaprabha questions throughout the day. The day will be hosted by Subhuti.

“Details are: Venue - the London Buddhist Centre, (51 Roman Rd, London, E2); doors open 9.30am. First film at 10.00am, finish at 5.30pm. Bring a vegetarian lunch to share. Cost £25/20. Click here to book, or  for more information phone 020 8981 1225.

Earth Rising Heaven Descending
Saturday 19 March
The Triratna Buddhist Community on Film.

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