Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sangharakshita Land Project - your questions answered

Mokshapriya writes from the Sangharakshita Land Project Development Team: 

"I thought it might be helpful to attempt to answer some suggested questions in a list. No doubt some of my answers are inadequate. There are certainly elements of this project that are clearly ‘work in progress’ and only as more and more people get involved to help develop the vision and help work through the countless challenges will more answers be found. Personally I do not believe we should try to have this project all neatly sewn up before we even have a site. It is a new venture with new obstacles to be overcome as it unfolds. Having said that we need to be confident that it is achievable and exploring searching questions are essential. Other questions, other answers and fresh ideas are always very welcome. I hope this helps you engage more deeply with the project."

The following questions (and more) are answered in a recent posting at

Will the Sangharakshita Land Project 'join up' the movement in the way that people wish? From some points of view it just seems like another retreat centre which will bite into the income of the existing retreat centres and not really give more focus to the Triratna Community.

Are Bhante’s wish to house his library in a rural setting, and Subhuti’s desire for a new study centre the main things driving this project?

Dharmapala College has not been attracting large numbers of people to seminars exploring key elements of Bhante’s teaching – why will the new Dharma Training Centre be any different?

Is this another way of centralising things? 

Is it wise to invest a large amount of resources in these at the present time?

How would it be funded? There are already so many projects looking for funding in the movement.

Will the project start off as a 'mixed project' and then become a men's project?

With so many different activities planned for the land, will it really be possible to create self-contained single-sex contexts? 

Does the Sangharakshita Land Project have widespread support in the movement and Order?



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