Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing: FBA Dharmabytes

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Dharmabytes – The New Podcast from
Free Buddhist Audio

What’s a Dharmabyte, you ask? Why, it’s a little bite-sized piece of Dharma! A pithy few minutes from one of over a thousand full-length Dharma talks in the Dharmachakra digital archives. Hand-selected by our team twice a week, they're great for inspiring, reminding and sharing with friends. And, as ever, it's all completely free!

Beginning February 3rd with the theme of The Arising of the Bodhicitta – and moving into themes of Parinirvana and Death, and then the Four Mind-Turnings – we invite you to join us, by subscribing here: Dharmabytes (opens in iTunes online).

The Gift of the Dharma – delivered wherever you are!

Take a Dharmabyte with you on the train, in the car, on your daily walk. Digest it with your breakfast, sip it with your morning coffee or tea. Pass it on to others… These little nuggets are sure to inspire meaningful reflections throughout the day.

Not sure what a podcast is? Check out our podcast infomation page, or take a look at this Wikipedia entry.

As always, we are passionately committed to maintaining free access to our talks, so that you and other practitioners can tune into the Dharma whenever you want, wherever you are, for as long as you like. We’d like that to be the case for generations to come…

Show your support for Free Buddhist Audio!

A gift of Dharma conquers all gifts…
(The Dhammapada)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why it is called "Free Buddhist Audio", when you ask for money? What about "Triratna Buddhist Audio"? This name tells which "kind of" buddhist audio it is and seems more accurate. Just wondering ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is totally free, but they invite people to freely give as well - they might offer the dharma for free but they still need money! in that way there's a mutual flow of generosity and giving, when it works it's wonderful


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