Friday, February 25, 2011

Minding The Breath - an offering from Amsterdam

Gunabhadri writes from Holland with news of a generous offer from André Douw, a mitra at Triratna's Amsterdam Buddhist Centre.  He’s a composer, teacher and former chair of the Composition Department at the Amsterdam Conservatory and is now, via a page on his website, offering 189 on-line melodies for the Pan flute, with guidance and applicable to other woodwind instruments

She says - “The nice thing about this page is that it is offered in the spirit of Dana (generosity)!  You can download music of the various melodies and (if you wish) donate some money to the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre and/or ‘De 3 Juwelen’ (a Triratna project which supports translations of Triratna texts into Dutch)”.

In André’s own words: “The learning method offered here has been composed in the spirit of the Buddhist principle of ‘Dana’ or Generosity.  If you support this principle you may donate to the Triratna Buddhist Order in The Netherlands…”

You’ll find his page at  

Metta from Gunabhadri

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Lovely idea - well done. Many thanks,


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