Friday, March 04, 2011

First mitra ceremonies and festival day for Triratna Leicester Group

The Leicester Triratna group held its first festival and mitra ceremonies recently. The group has been going for a couple of years, and is currently run by Alobhin, Vidyasara and Sanghaketu.
On Saturday 12th February, friends, regulars and visitors gathered at the Friends' Meeting House on Queens Road (the regular venue for Triratna Leicester's activities). There was a programme to mark Parinirvana Day, the festival of the Buddha's final passing away into 'Enlightenment without remainder'. After a short meditation, Jnanarakshita (visiting from Birmingham) told the story of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta. Other visitors included Sobhana and Srivajri (both from Nottingham). Amitajyoti (from London) was also there to see her mum, Kath Barton-Harvey (along with another regular at the group, Andrew Cheffings), become a mitra in the context of a festive puja, to much hearty rejoicing. Sadhu to all concerned!

Left to right are: Alobhin, Sanghaketu, Amitajyoti, Mr Barton-Harvey, Kath Barton-Harvey, Andrew Cheffings

This was the biggest event that the Leicester group has marked so far. A special mention of thanks was made on the day to Dhammamitra Lynne Randle who has been a key support to the group over the past few years, and who worked very hard behind the scenes to make the festival day the great success it was.

For more details of Triratna activities in Leicester, contact Alobhin on 0784 511 5911.



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