Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two deaths in the Order - correction

Vijayatara from London
There have been two recent deaths in the Order. From London, Dhammadinna writes with news of Vijayatara, saying “Dear friends, this is to let you know that our dear friend, Vijayatara, died at about 8.45 a.m. Sunday morning, in St. Joseph's Hospice, London. Savi, her long time partner, and Savi's sister Rohini and a nurse were with her. I arrived just after the last breath. Later other friends arrived and also Atula, Santva, and Muditasri. We were allowed to be with her for about four hours, and read to her from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, recited a three-fold puja - which she loved - chanted the Tara mantra and the blessings. Later I chanted the Vajrasattva Mantra with her. With love, Dhammadinna”

Vijayatara was 49 when she died. She was associated with the London Buddhist Centre and was ordained in August 2003 at Tiratanaloka; her private preceptor was Dhammadinna and her public preceptor Ratnadharini. The practice she took at ordination was Green Tara. Munisha adds - “Here is a link to a talk on Videosangha which  Vijayatara gave to the women's National order Weekend last December, in which she shares her reflections on her Order chapter in London. May she be well and happy. With love, Munisha”

Khemapala from Auckland
And from Auckland New Zealand, Purna writes - “It is with sadness that I am letting you know Dharmachari Khemapala died on Saturday 12 March at 3:10 pm local time. Nityajyoti was able to be with him as he passed away, as were Khemapala’s sister Sandra, his son Ari and his daughter Rochelle. There will be a funeral service at the Chandrakirti Buddhist Meditation Centre near Nelson in New Zealand, on Tuesday 15 March followed by a cremation. I received a lot of emails from Order members expressing their best wishes, love for and appreciation of Khemapala. Unfortunately we were not able to pass these on while he was still conscious. I read the names of all these Order members to Nityajyoti who has written them into a book of condolences for Khemapala’s family. With metta, Purna”

Khemapala was ordained by Sangharakshita in 1982 and took the Amitabha sadhana. Our apologies for wrongly stating yesterday that Khemapala was ordained in 1975 and took the Green Tara sadhana.

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Lovely to watch this clip. I really appreciate Triratna news and Video Sangha that remind me why I am trying to meditate and practice which I can forget...


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