Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aryaloka Featured on Local Television Program

On a cold, sunny day in February, Triratna's Aryaloka Buddhist Center in Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA was visited by a crew from local television station WMUR Channel 9. Aryaloka was selected as a feature in the popular New Hampshire Chronicle, a half-hour weekday show that highlights interesting people and places around the state.

Meditations, classes and a lively tea break were set up for sangha members to participate in while interviews and filming of activities took place. Many thanks to producer Jen Crompton and videographer Jason Modeski who spent four hours at Aryaloka that day. The six-minute, finished segment includes conversations with Bodhipaksa, Amala, and mitras Marcus and Jen, as well as glimpses of sangha members meditating, chanting, participating in a Dharma class, and gathering together in spiritual friendship.

Aryaloka's NH Chronicle segment is now available through Video Sangha, and can also be viewed on the local WMUR television station's website. Many thanks to all the sangha members who participated and to WMUR for introducing Aryaloka to a wider New England audience.

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