Sunday, February 13, 2011

On-Line Buddhafield Dharma: part II

Last Sunday Triratna News began a three-part series featuring essays from the newly-released Buddhafield Dharma Series I, a collection of on-line essays exploring Buddhafield’s approach to the Dharma and its application of the Dharma to the great issues of our time, both individual and collective.

Our second instalment features three more essays -click any of the title links to read on-line with Issuu.

Myth, Poetry and the Goddess, by Dhiramati, is a passionate and evocative call to follow him and simply “give up, relax a little” - and thereby enter a very different realm. As he describes one of his early Buddhafield retreat experiences - “I lay down and looked up into the canopy of trees above me. The light was like brilliant silver shimmering and dancing between the leaves which were illuminated from within and glowing, all swaying in a gentle whisper as the wind breathed. It’s hard to describe but I knew Tara, I wasn’t thinking, but I sensed directly something there in that beautiful place. An unfolding, a presence, alive in nature, singing, calling, to everything, in everything, to me, to my body, my breath, my senses...”  (click here for the PDF version)

Akuppa , author of the much-loved ‘Shambala Warrior Mind-Training verses’ asks us to ‘Strive On’ and offers ‘Five ways to stay Sane and True and survive Global Meltdown’, drawn from the five ethical precepts of Buddhism. He asks us to keep a vision of humanity, give ourselves to community, avoid being implicated in systems that cause harm and division, speak out, and keep the broadest possible perspective - and promises that in doing those things, we survive, in the deepest, fullest sense of the word, and what is most precious about our humanity will not be lost.  (click here for the PDF version)

In 'The Living Elements’ Kamalashila sets out his thesis that seeing what really happens in experience will enable anyone to liberate themselves from ever-present, deeply held assumptions – views that are false and undermining - and that if we could connect much more fully with the basic elements of life, we would more easily cut through the accumulated cobweb of our complex delusion. (click here for the PDF version)

Enjoy!  And look out for Part III (and last) next Sunday...

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