Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Reviews for Windhorse's new books - ‘The Art of Reflection’ and ‘The Poet's Way’

Two books newly published by Windhorse Publications have been garnering some great reviews recently, and we’re pleased to feature two of them - Ratnaguna’s ‘The Art of Reflection’ and ‘The Poet's Way’ by Manjusvara.

Both are available in full on the Reviews section of Triratna News but we include excerpts from both below.

Of The Art of Reflection, Advayacitta says -

“Ratnaguna has the knack of approaching complex or difficult issues and making apparently simple but not so obvious points that elucidate matters. In doing so he discusses spiritually vital practices that might just not occur to people. Thus he emphasises the important art of doing nothing as a basis for reflection. He discusses ‘talking to oneself’ in a manner that is actually a rigorous and honest debate that deliberately challenges one’s own assumptions. He looks at owning up to one’s own foolishness, and other difficult aspects of self-reflection. Such practices can be crucial in the cultivation of ethics, psychological integration and wisdom. The fact that Ratnaguna explicitly discusses them, and recommends them, is likely to be of much benefit to people.

“It is likely to be very helpful for many people in establishing and maintaining an effective reflection practice. It is also a delight to read. It is written with clarity and love, and is grounded in Ratnaguna’s own practice and experience”.

And of The Poet's Way, Padmacandra, herself a poet, writes -
“As I write this, the snow is falling outside the window, and leaving a tablet of pure white on the grass. Reflecting on Manjusvara's new book about writing and the spiritual path, The Poet's Way, I immediately think of the blank white page that the poet or aspiring writer must face before setting off on their journey.

“For some this white page may be terrifying, for others exciting, and for many both of these things, representing as it does the unknown, the not yet come into being. If I were to be setting out into the unknown through the snow, or through facing a blank page for the first time -and it always feels like the first time, indeed is new and unique each time - I would like to have the voice in my ear of someone who has already travelled the way: a voice that is trustworthy and intimate, humorous, enthusiastic and never patronising.

“Whilst reading the book I also felt the generosity of someone who was willing to share the tools of his trade in detail and without jargon, what he has learned through hard work along the way, both as a poet and experienced Dharma practitioner”.

Both books - and many others from Windhorse - are available in local Triratna Centre bookshops or direct from Windhorse - or your local bookseller.

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