Monday, February 07, 2011

Triratna Paris expands with retreats for men and women

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Christian writes from the Centre bouddhiste Triratna de Paris with news of a significant development in their program of activities. He says -

“What’s important in this title is the “s” at the end of “retreats”! Yes, for the first time, the Paris Triratna Centre has managed to organise two retreats – one for women and one for men. This stepping into the “single-sex principle” is new for the Paris Sangha – and it has been welcomed by all who took part in our two retreats.

“Altogether 7 women took part in the women’s retreat, co-led by Vassika and the newly-ordained Manibhadri. It was the first retreat that Manibhadri led since her ordination last summer and she was pleased that it went very well.

“I was one of the 7 men who took part in the men’s retreat, which was led by Mahasiddhi. It was also the first retreat he lead, and a great way for him – who is English and lives in Birmingham, but speaks fluent French – to start to deepen his connection with the Paris Sangha.

“In both retreats, all retreatants enjoyed the fact that it was a single-sex situation, and especially the freedom this gave in communicating with one another and the depth of sharing oneself that was gained from this freedom. One thing is certain – the additional work involved in organizing not one but two retreats is worth the effort and there will be more single-sex retreats in the future for the Paris Sangha!

Details of the Centre’s program are available at - along with a substantial collection of essays introducing the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha in French.

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