Friday, January 28, 2011

Young Women's Weekend at Taraloka

Singhamati writes with news of the recent Young Women's Weekend at Taraloka, saying -

“Last weekend 30 young women from centres all around the Triratna community gathered at Taraloka for our annual Young Women's retreat. The weekend was an exciting opportunity for young women to meet, practice together and have fun!

"We were studying Sangharakshita's teachings on the Path of the True Individual and doing devotional practice to Shakyamuni Buddha and his early female disciples. It was an inspiring weekend, enhanced by the deepening freindship building amongst the young women who came.

“The retreat is part of a series of retreats being run in the UK to support and inspire young people practicing the Dharma in our community. If you are in your late teens, 20s or 30s and would like to go on retreat with other young people, then do join us on the 4th Annual Mixed Young Triratna Buddhists retreat 21-23rd October.

“For further details please see our Young Persons in the Triratna Community group or click here for details of the October retreat.


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