Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Poet’s Way: new book from Windhorse Publications

Windhorse Publications, for many years the Triratna Buddhist Community’s main publishing house, is proud to announce their latest new title - ‘The Poet’s Way’.

Beautifully produced, it’s a practical guide to writing and sharpening up your poetry writing - everything from line to rhyme and shape on the page. Its special feature, of course, is that its written by Manjusvara, a long-ordained member of the Order and already well-known as the author of ‘Writing Your Way’ and co-founder of Wolf at the Door writing workshops. As such, he’s perfectly-placed to offer Buddhist reflections on the writing process and issues such as influence, memory, and the relationship with prayer and ritual - hence, to vividly demonstrate how poetry can reveal new aspects of spiritual life.

Sarah Ryan, their manager, says-

"The Poet’s Way is a step-by-step guide which breaks poetry writing down into its essential elements with chapters such as ‘Rhyme and the School of Song’, ‘The Mindfulness of Language’ and, ‘Letting the Silence Speak’. It’s a practical guide to writing and, at the same time, it communicates with great depth Buddhist wisdom, compassion and insight.

“We’ve had some wonderful words about it already...

‘.For anyone bewildered by poetry’s forms, shapes, and particular mind-ways, The Poet’s Way offers a warm-hearted, step-by-step awakening into the possibilities and powers of poems.” Jane Hirshfield, poet and author of Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry

‘This book will transform your writing no matter what stage in your career, and it may even transform your life” Des Dillon, Arvon Foundation tutor and award-winning poet.

“This is our last new book of the year and there are some interesting Winter themes I think – imagination, intuition and reflection. Plus a bit of magic and mystery too. Not to mention it goes very well with cups of tea on these chilly nights!

“And it’s out now! You can order by emailing us at or it should be available from most Triratna Buddhist Centres very soon.

Click on the links two video clips of Manjusvara talking about The Poet’s Way:

The Poets Way 1
The Poet's Way 2

The Poet's Way from Clear Vision Trust on Vimeo.

"With much metta, Sarah"

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