Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Launch of the ‘100-Minute Buddha’

Jinananda, Chairman of Triratna’s West London Buddhist Centre, has just celebrated the publication of his third book, the ‘100-Minute Buddha’. Published by the 100-Minute Press, it joins a family of titles including the ‘100-Minute Bible’, the ‘100-Minute Torah’, and ‘100 Minutes with the Koran’.

Designed to be read in exactly 100 minutes, each book consists of 50 two-page chapters, each readable in just two minutes. The series originated as a years’ worth of bible summaries published in a local parish magazine, and has grown from there, with the 100-Minute Bible selling over 150,000 copies and being translated into 13 languages.

Returning from the launch at London’s Inter-Faith Centre, Jinananda commented “all four of the authors were there, and we each made short presentations on our work. What struck me most was that none of us pulled our punches - we were each determined to emphasise that ours was a distinct tradition that couldn’t be “mushed-up” with any others. And yet the atmosphere was amazingly friendly - it was hard to believe that such various traditions could meet in the same room and get on so well”.

The 100-Minute Buddha (and the others in the series) are intended for the inter-faith market and people interested to learn more about the world’s major spiritual traditions. At the same time, every section of the 100-minute Buddha is meticulously grounded in Buddhist scripture, mostly the Pali Canon. Highly recommended!

To purchase, enquire at your local bookshop (ISBN - 978 09556695-1-4) or go to  100-Minute Press website.

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