Monday, September 13, 2010

NEW interactive Dharma materials for students - now available from Clear Vision

Munisha from Triratna's Clear Vision Trust writes to say - "We've recently launched a new set of online interactive Dharma materials for students aged 12-16 in Religious Education in UK schools.

"Making these materials was pretty tough. We wanted to make lively, stimulating materials for teenagers, showing practical examples of the Dharma applied to current social issues such as community cohesion, democracy, the environment, volunteering and ethical communication.

"And we wanted to find teenage Buddhists who could speak coherently about Buddhism. It was like searching for needles in haystacks but we found them: young Theravadins in Hertfordshire on a weekend about identity and the self; students in Bhutan talking about the prospect of democracy, and so on.

"We used the 'Four Sangrahavastus' as the organising principle for the series.  They are one of the Buddha's teachings from the Pali Canon but comparatively little known in other Buddhist traditions.  To ensure it represented a diversity of Buddhist perspectives we used volunteer consultants from three other UK Buddhist traditions to keep an eye on the project . And the reviews have been great.  Here's one:"

"The Identity section is absolutely stunning. There is nothing like it anywhere that I have seen and the use of young voices is excellent."
Deborah Weston, National Association of Teachers of RE

Clear Vision is a UK-based audio-visual Dharma project specialising in materials for children and teenagers - it's also and runs the popular VideoSangha ( website.

Using video, questions, information sheets and links, their new resource Us and Them: Buddhism and Community uses the Four Sangrahavastus to explore Buddhist teachings on community-building and the self.

Watch a short introductory video introducing Us and Them in the embedded player here:

or using the direct link

Us and Them in more detail
10 videos explore Buddhist teachings on community-building and the self
Topics include:
  • identity and belonging
  • volunteering and charities
  • speech and communication
  • democracy
  • karma and the environment
Five sections feature:
  • short videos including young Buddhists in Britain and Bhutan
  • thought-provoking questions to discuss or answer online
  • activities including webquests
  • additional information for keener pupils
  • detailed teacher's notes. 
Clear Vision depends on generosity to make pioneering Dharma materials for young people worldwide. If you like what we do, please support us with a standing order or one-off donation:

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