Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Buddhist Audio Needs Supporting Friends

Free Buddhist Audio The team at Free Buddhist Audio are mid-stream in their 2010-11 Fundraising Campaign and need the support of the greater sangha in order to continue their valuable work providing free, easy access to our Triratna Archive of Buddhist audio and text.

The archives are growing every day with talks from all over the world! And there are lots of different ways to help, including becoming a Supporting Friend by donating and/or helping us to promote this valuable resource.

Become a Supporting Friend of FBA: Donate Today! We need 500 new friends giving £10/$15/€12 per month. Receiving regular donations amount each month we can have confidence that the sangha is behind us in our work and that our operating costs will be met, keeping this project alive and well for many years to come. Follow the link here: Donate!

Talk to your friends and sangha members about us! Help us to promote this valuable online resource! All it takes is familiarity with the project and a willingness to share what you love about it. We have a number of practical resources to get you started...

1) Listen to FBA team members talk about Free Buddhist Audio:

Viriyalila’s 10 minute fundraising pitch at this year's International Sangha Retreat is a great introduction to our campaign and is available here: Viriyalila's FBA Promotion

Candradasa's Dharma 2.0: The Community Web Revolution talk given in the Dharma Parlour at the Buddhafield Festival 2010 is available here: The Dharma Web Revolution

2) Download, Print and Share the FBA Promotional Booklet:

This little publication has loads with of great information in it, including our 2009 Google Analytics with user profiles from around the world - we had visitors from 180 different countries last year!

Choose your format:

FBA Booklet/A4 sized

FBA Booklet/letter sized

If you would like more printed materials, let us know and we can send some along! We have leaflets, posters, and would be happy to hook you up with another set of our lovely little Moo cards!

3) Join in on the Fundraising Fun:

Create your own online campaign for Free Buddhist Audio using First Giving or Just Giving. How creative can you be to help support what you value? Our team is available to support you and would be greatly appreciative or your efforts!

First Giving (USA and International) or Just Giving (Europe and UK)

Host a fundraising event: have a bake sale, plan a Dharma listening event, throw a dance party, knit hats, the ideas are endless! Whatever gets the word out and raises some funds for the project will be of tremendous value.

Most importantly, let’s stay in touch! Let us know what inspires you about Free Buddhist Audio and how you imagine helping us to promote this online community and Dharma treasure.

With much appreciation, Viriyalila & The Free Buddhist Audio Team

Free Buddhist Audio


Anonymous Satyagandhi said...

Free Buddhist Audio is a fantastic resource and I love it. I encourage anyone who wants to hear a bit (or a lot)of Dharma to tune in and download. Makes driving the car, catching the train or lying on the riverbank a whole new experience.


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