Friday, July 23, 2010

ClearVision appeal for Triratna videos

Upekshapriya writes from ClearVision, the education and video wing of the Triratna Buddhist Community, with an appeal for all readers of Triratna News.  He says -

"We at Clear Vision are looking for people from all around the world to send us short video clips of themselves saying (in English) what they appreciate about being a part of the Triratna Buddhist Community. We would like a wide variety of age, experience, ethnic backgrounds etc - women and men. We hope to use the clips on the forthcoming Triratna website and/or in a fundraising video we're making.

"We’d like clips no longer than 15 seconds, and to be videoed like an interview on TV (that is showing just head and shoulders) preferably talking to a friend who is either holding the camera or standing next to the person with the camera - we've discovered that people are generally much more comfortable talking to a person than to a lens, so it comes across much better.

"The video quality doesn't need to be great - it can be on a from a mobile phone, a digital stills camera (most of them have a video option), of course a video camera, and even a webcam, but it'd be best if you are fairly close to the camera so the sound is picked up well (and if you have a separate mic that's even better).

You could start the clip using phrases like:
"I really appreciate Triratna because..."
"I enjoy..."
"What I really like about Triratna...."
"I feel grateful that...."

"Send us these videos via (free) to us at, upload them to (particularly easy if you are using a webcam) and send us the link (you can make it private if you want and share it with clearvisiontrust) or copy it onto a cd and post it to us (the same with a digital video tape) to Triratna Appeal, c/o the Clear Vision Trust, 16-20 Turner Street, Manchester M4 1DZ, UK.

"Thanks, Upekshapriya"

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