Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buddhafield Festival photos now on-line

The 15th Buddhafield Festival ended a week ago, with some 2,500+ people gathering in Somerset’s Blackdown Hills for a long weekend of ceremony, meditation, Dharma talks, debates, healing, permaculture, music, social change, sauna, children’s stories, films, good food - and much much more...

We’re hoping to bring you the Dharma talks as soon as they’ve been uploaded to Buddhafield’s page on FreeBuddhistAudio , but in the meantime can’t resist sharing with Triratna News’ readers some of the photos and comments from the event. Click on the dragon for photos from Royston Naylor’s Facebook album.

The video below is from the 2009 Festival, happily this one wasn’t quite so muddy!  Thanks to Brian VizionDance for putting it together.

Thanks also to the Buddhafield Festival’s many Facebook fans for their comments, copied below. No festival is perfect, and this one featured unexpected gale force winds on the Thursday night, just after almost 1,500 new people had arrived on site for the weekend!  More at
  Dear wonderful festival lovelies, Thank you so much for making this year's festival so wonderful. I witnessed such joy, warmth and support. There seemed to be a collective shift after the storm, where we seemed to come together in a richer and more real way, which really embodied the sense of community I believe that's what we're all striving for.

Lisa Lennon  This Buddhafield was so beautiful. People at their best. Stunning and inspiring. Love to all there. X
Joanne Soulsby  It was beautiful ! My first buddahfield and I loved it! Love and thx to all. Xxx
Helen Wakefield  My first Buddhafield was amazing! Lots of love to all the people I met xx
Tony Amendola  Wonderful wonderful place
Kate Leppard  I agree! The festival was truly magical, incredible and beautiful. I learnt so much and hope to bring that learning out into the world. Thank you!
Rebecca Bart Stubbs  loved it x
Tony White  This was the best festival I have been to for years- many thanks to all involved- see you next year!
Lynne Clarke  My 7th time at Buddhafield - already looking forward to my 8th! Rain or no rain!
Joely Hayes  Wonderful as ever, but what ever happened to the farewell fairies that used to wave people off with love and heartfelt smiles.. all shattered I guess.. should some freshfaced ones be hired for the occasion I wonder?
Jennifer Ray  My first too! And absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much to all you warm and sweet people. Here's to the next!
Chatter Box  First time for me too - and it was amazing!! Thanks and gratitude to all those that made it happen xx

Another fantastic festival yet again, thank you : ) Was Satyajit's talk recorded, if so will it be going on Free Buddhist Audio? I hope so, it was deeply stirring and very inspiring.x



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