Saturday, July 10, 2010

Street meditation in Cambridge, UK

Ivan Trujillo writes from Triratna's Cambridge Buddhsit Centre with news of a new project - street meditation.  He asks - and answers - the question "Why meditate on the street?", saying -

"In Buddhism some meditations emphasize the cultivation of awareness of our senses, feelings and thoughts. The aim of the meditation is to transform positively the way in which we relate with the world and ourselves. And simultaneously to have a positive influence in our environment.

"Meditation practices are commonly related with being peaceful and relaxed, usually in very quiet and aesthetically appealing places.

"However, meditation cannot or should not be limited to perfect arranged places and situations. If we want to include the effect of meditation in our world and society, we need to bring the meditation into our world and society".

He goes on to give news of their next venture - today!

"This Saturday 10th of July, we will go to the Cambridge city centre to meditate.  You're invited to join us and share this experience with us. We are meeting at the Buddhist centre at 9:30 to tune in and we plan to start to meditate at 10 somewhere.

"For more information check the Event on Facebook:

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