Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Buddhafield Festival coming up soon - last chance to get tickets!

The 15th Buddhafield Festival is coming up soon, and following a successful presence at the Glastonbury Festival, their publicity machine is in full swing! They’ve written inviting all members of the Triratna Buddhist Community to “5 days of uplifting, life transforming workshops and talks, along with a whole array of live music, dance, meditation teaching & radical discussion”.

They go on to say -
“As always, we hope to infuse it with our heartfelt wish to bring joy, connection and nourishment to all that comes to the field.

“This year we’ll be using the theme ‘A Force for Good in the World’ to explore the origin of our name ‘Buddhafield’.

More specifically, this year, we have our well known favourites:
* The Dharma Parlour * Opening and Closing ceremonies * Mahasukha’s 'Soulful Singing' * Jayaraja’s Adult Games * Jewl’s Ecstatic Dance * Heart-to-Heart Tantric workshops * introductions to Joanna Macy’s 'Work that Reconnects' * Non-Violent Communication * and a great deal more...

“But this year we’ve got plenty of new stuff too! There’s the much loved Adam, veteran of the legendary Lost Horizon Sauna Cabaret, leading ‘The Art of Taking Yourself Less Seriously’ workshops (now why would he think Buddhists need them...?) ; Vajralila and Sudakini exploring ʻFeeding Your Demonsʼ (workshops pioneered by American Tibetan nun Tsultrim Allione); the all-day Wild Woodland Interactive Gamelan coming to the festival (where creators Annie and Simon use natural materials to create a unique variety of percussive instruments allowing both children and adults to play alongside each other); and finally the wonderful Swamp Circus and their very big tent - where they’ll teach all manner of circus skills such as Acrobatics, Acro Yoga, Trapeze, Rope, Balancing, Stilts, Unicycle, and Tight Wire.

“Please accept our invitation and come and join us for a really special Buddhafield festival 2010! If you haven't been before - check a review from last year below...

Tickets available on-line via the Buddhafield website www.buddhafield.com/?festival=booking.  But don’t forget - when they’re gone they’re gone!

"Buddhafield is as close... so far... as you are likely to come to a perfect community of beings living and celebrating the way we all know we should be. We all know how and at Buddhafield we are reminded of that. No drugs and drink leave the air and the smiles as clear as crystal. .... Its small, its pretty, its clean..... Thank you Buddhafield, from the bottom of my heart for giving me this gem again. I could carry on with more descriptions of how the magic in this field left me gleaming and in awe but it's not needed, just go." John Chas-Wright

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