Monday, June 28, 2010

Seven men ordained in Spain

The following seven men received their Public Ordinations at Guhyaloka on June 14th at 12:00 noon:

Frank Horsman from Sheffield (Private preceptor Dharmadipa) becomes Mokshadhara - 'The Bearer of Liberation'

Adrian Gifford from London (Private preceptor Ratnaghosha) becomes Ajjavin - 'He who is honest, upright and sincere.'

Juan Carlos Perianez from London (Private preceptor Saddhaloka) becomes Dayaruchi, 'He who is the splendor, light, brightness, beauty of sympathy, kindness, tenderness, compssion.

John Greany from Dublin (Private preceptor Satyaraja) becomes Vasubhadra -' He who is beneficially blessed, auspicious, kind, friendly, fortunate, pleasant, happy, excellent'

Jochen Berz from Essen and Padmaloka (Private preceptor Bodhimitra) becomes Aryabandhu 'Noble Friend' or 'He who is related to the Transcendental'

Peter Kuklis from Cambridge (Private preceptor Rijumati) becomes Viryakumara - 'Prince of Energy dedicated to the good, to spiritual growth.

Stuart Marr from Australia (Private preceptor Khemmadhamma) becomes Pamojjacitta - 'Heart of Joy'

The Public Preceptors were Satyaraja and Nagabodhi.




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