Sunday, July 04, 2010

Poetry prize won by Aryamati

Aryamati, a Dharmacharini from Manchester UK, and a published author, writes to say -

“If you will allow me to imitate Maitreyabandhu, I attach a poem which won the UK's 'North West Libraries' poetry prize. lts a sonnet, inspired by a most intriguing geological formation in Cheshire.

With metta Aryamati”

TO THE EDGE (Alderley Edge, Cheshire)

We take the train, one sandwich, one poem each
and stomp, the silent physicist and me,
past footballers’ mansions, gnarled roots, car-park,
with a few walkers gazing at emptiness,
and trudge to the vertiginous edge.
We clamber over prehistoric boulders
to the solitary carved wizard stone above
a real world of corn, brown - and green.
Our minds open out over the sheer drop,
track a bird soaring up into blue wind
and watch laws at work:
stages of flight, breaking free.
Trees, corn, earth appear a kind of falling.
Suddenly I’m no weight, just a point
of view…



Blogger viryabodhi said...

lovely poem, Aryamati!

and congratulations


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