Sunday, July 18, 2010

New review of 'The Triratna Story'

Priyananda writes from Windhorse Publications, Triratna's publishing house, with news of a new review of their latest book, 'The Triratna Story', by Vajragupta. Written by Vajrapushpa, chair of the Karuna Trust and an Order Member for over 30 years, it's a thoughtful review of his account of our first 40 years.

Vajrapushpa makes it clear there are no easy answers - whether that's when you're setting up a new Buddhist movement, or writing a book about it, or even when reviewing the book!  Entitling it 'OF INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE', she opens her review by saying -

"The Triratna Story is an account of the first 43 years of the FWBO’s - now the Triratna Buddhist Community’s - history. In his book Vajragupta combines thorough research – his listening ear – with wise reflection and, using his storyteller’s touch, conjures up vivid scenes from the early history, from meetings, ordinations, public lectures, personal experiences. Above all he tells the story with a strong desire for balance and fairness; not avoiding the more painful, troublesome and confusing episodes and issues in the history of the Triratna Community".

And ends with the words -

"As the story continues, the Triratna Order and Community, too, will encounter new issues and situations for which there are no ‘explicit models’ in traditional Buddhism, or perhaps not even our own history. 

"If the lineage that Sangharakshita has established is going to mature and flourish spiritually, we – his disciples - will need to think for ourselves and work together, be well versed in the Dharma and attentive to our own experience. The story of the first four decades, as told by Vajragupta, offers us a pause for reflection, as well as encouragement and inspiration for the next chapter".

You can read her review in full on Triratna Features, or buy the book from your local Buddhist Centre or direct from Windhorse.  Highly recommended.



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