Wednesday, April 21, 2010

International Retreat news: collective Triratna name change ceremony

The FWBO’s largest retreat, the bi-annual International Retreat, is coming up soon - next month, May 28 - June 1st to be precise. Following the recent announcement of our change of name to the Triratna Buddhist Community, Jnanarakshita writes with some important additions to the retreat programme. Bookings are coming in more and more rapidly, so we’re asking people to book fairly soon if they want to come.  Details are on the retreat website.

He says -
“As you know, the WBO has now changed its name to the Triratna Buddhist Order. Following on from this, on Buddha Day 2010 the Movement around the world will be changing its name to the Triratna Buddhist Community (and local versions thereof).

“There will be an opportunity for those on the International Retreat at Taraloka to join in the celebrations of our precious Sangha and take part in a large-scale puja led by Padmavajra to ritually mark this significant change.

“The main part of the International Retreat programme will still be dedicated to exploring the theme of Buddha Day. In many and various ways we’ll be uncovering the spiritual implications of the incident when Shakyamuni overcame Mara’s army, turning their arrows into flowers.

“We’ll also be looking how to transform some modern-day demons with the help of three key-note talks:

• Vajradarshini on 'Everything Matters - Turning Consumerism on its Head'
• Jnanavaca on 'An Essential Matter - The Demon of Materialism’
• Saddhanandi on ‘Individualism - Hearing the Demon's Comforting Whisper’

We greatly appreciate all your help so far with publicity and have had another noticeable increase in the rate of bookings over the last month. Please reassure people that there are still some places on the International Retreat, especially for those who wish to camp and who are able to bring their own tents and bedding.

Book soon!
“At this stage, there are only a few places left for indoor accommodation. Priority is going to those with medical and/or mobility difficulties, to those travelling from overseas, and to early bookings.

“We’re aware that a number of centres have followed up our suggestion to make a space on the centre's notice board for people to arrange transport to and from the event. This may be stating the obvious, and no doubt you’ve already done this, but please could you remind people that writing their name on the lift-share sheet at the Buddhist centre isn’t sufficient to secure a place on the retreat!

“It would be a shame if people missed out through not sending us a deposit either by post or by booking online. It looks quite possible that the retreat will book up completely. Event licensing terms mean we can only cater for a maximum of 500 people.

“This retreat promises to be a momentous occasion. If you would like to be present, please send your deposit in soon to avoid disappointment. You can book on-line (in 5 languages!) at

with many thanks
Development Team Assistant

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