Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moksananda writes with news of the recent meeting of Triratna's College of Public Preceptors at Taraloka .  The College is a body of senior members of the Order, responsible for overseeing ordinations, helping men and women move towards joining, and performing the public ordination themselves.

It’s clear that their gatherings are far more than simply a meeting - Moksananda concludes his report by saying

A report on the recent meeting of the College of Public Preceptors' sounds so prosaic, doesn't it? Couldn't I be allowed to call them 'Dispatches from the Edge of the World', or 'Glimmers of a Glacier'?  Or maybe just this once, ‘Birdcall from the Realm of Tara’?”

He goes on to explain the idea that the meeting might best be called 'Glimmers of a Glacier', saying “some of us watched 'Encounters at the End of the World' by Werner Herzog. The documentary is about people who spend half the year living in the Antarctic, mainly eccentric scientists and travellers who like to discuss such things as the beginnings of evolution or cosmic energies that permeate all things. A pretty wacky, but somehow very inspired and positive bunch of men and women. In some ways, not unlike a few of the public preceptors I thought…”

Among many other things they discussed the principles for making communication and decision-making within the Order and movement more effective; also  mitra study (and the need to perhaps strengthen some elements in the course), the Sangharakshita land project (the visions behind it and how it's going), the changing of the name of the Order and movement to Triratna, young people and how we can encourage them in the ordination process, and preceptor reviews.  India was on the agenda, as was fundraising and the need to find a more effective and long-term means of finding funding for the work of the College. 

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