Monday, April 19, 2010

FWBO becomes the Triratna Buddhist Community

Last week we reported that the Western Buddhist Order was becoming the Triratna Buddhist Order. We’ve now heard from Vajragupta, writing on behalf of the FWBO Chairs Assembly, announcing a matching change of name to the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order - which becomes the Triratna Buddhist Community.

He says -
“As you know, the Order Convenors have now written to the Order saying they think the overwhelming majority of Order members are in favour of the Order changing its name to the Triratna Buddhist Order and that it is best to go ahead.

“We therefore suggest that the Movement’s name change also now goes ahead and that we do become the Triratna Buddhist Community.

“We’ll be ritually marking and celebrating the new name at the FWBO International Retreat in late May, and will be asking Bhante if he’d like to take part in this. More details to follow”.

We’ve been in touch with FWBO/Triratna centres around the world asking how they’ll be translating Triratna Buddhist Community into their local languages - here’s what we’ve collected so far….

Dutch: Triratna Boeddhistische Orde | Triratna Boeddhistische Beweging
English: Triratna Buddhist Community (surprise surprise!)
Estonian: Triratna ordineeritud budistide ühendus | Triratna budistlik kogukond
Finnish: Buddhalainen yhteisö Triratna
Flemish: Triratna Boeddhistische Beweging
French: Communauté Bouddhiste Triratna
German: Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Triratna
India: Triratna Bauddha Sangha (for the Order) and Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha (for the movement)
Italian: L'Ordine Buddista Triratna | La Comunita' Buddista Triratna
Norwegian: Triratna Buddhistorden | Triratna Buddhistfellesskap
Polish: Wspólnota Buddyjska Triratna.
Russian: Триратная Буддийская Община |Triratnaya Buddhiskaya Obshchina
Spanish: Orden Budista Triratna
Swedish: not yet known
Turkish: Triratna Budist Topluluğu'

May we prosper and thrive, for the welfare of the many!

Over the next few weeks you’ll notice a transition in our various public media - FWBO News, FWBO People, FWBO Photos, Facebook, and so on. FWBO.ORG is itself due for a makeover and you’ll start seeing changes there soon.

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