Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Breaking the Mould": Buddhism Comes West & Gets Engaged

Coming up is a conference that will be of interest to all who wish to explore and practive Engaged Buddhism. The event is organised by the Amida Trust, a Western Pure Land Buddhist order who have put engaged Buddhism right at the centre of their practice. The FWBO's Parami will be one of the main speakers, along with a wide variety of others.

Known as the 5th Living Buddhism Conference, it is subtitled 'Breaking the Mould: Buddhism Comes West And Gets Engaged'.

The detailed programme is:

26-27 April: Pre-Conference Gathering: Practice, Discussions, Gatherings
28-30 April: Pre-Conference Events: Monday Outing; Tuesday and Wednesday Mini-conferences "Buddhism and Arts", "Amida Around the World", "Buddhism in a Multi-Faith World", "Buddhist Education".
1-4 May: Conference Proper: Keynote Speakers, Plenary Sessions, Presentations, Workshops, Exhibitions, Bookshop, Entertainment.
5 May: Post Conference Meeting: "Buddhism in Organisation Development".

The organisers say - "Buddhism is entering the Western world and as in each of its previous cultural transitions, it has to change and adapt. At the same time, Buddhism aims to break the mould of the society that it enters. Where there has been greed, Buddhism teaches generosity; where there has been hatred, love; where there has been pride, selflessness; and where there has been fear, faith. In the west Buddhism is so far primarily known as a quietistic practice for cultivating personal calm. It has more to offer. This conference will bring together the personal and the social, the spiritual and the practical dimensions of the Dharma and invite reflection on the path ahead".

FWBO News wishes them every success.

The conference will be held in Narborough, Leicestershire, UK, from late April - early May, and you can download a booking form here.

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