Friday, May 20, 2011

Kerala Buddhists visit Nagaloka

Following yesterday’s story from the students on the six-month Dharma Training Course at Madhyamaloka, in Birmingham UK, today’s picks up a similar theme - but from a very different part of the world. For the last eight years at Nagaloka, Triratna’s study centre in central India they’ve been intensively training young Buddhist men and women in the basics of Dharma and social work; the graduates have returned home and worked in many ways to create Sanghas all across India - including Kerala, in the far South. Now Vivekaratna writes with news of some fruits of this work, saying -

“On 12th April evening at Nagaloka we welcomed a party of 22 female, 30 male and 12 children, all visitors from Kerala. Most of them were the relatives and friends of our graduates Rejimon and Binojbabu, ex-trainees of our first & second batches of students. They had encouraged them to visit Nagpur to experience the celebrations of the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. These are always a special celebration in Nagpur, almost as much as the anniversary of the Dhamma Revolution.

“We had a day retreat with them on 13th April, with meditation teaching in the Malayalam language of Kerala, plus a lecture by me on the ‘Importance of Buddhism’ specifically related to the needs of Dalit communities as suggested by Dr. Ambedkar. Since I cannot speak in Malayalam it was translated by Rejimon. The retreat concluded with Puja in the evening.

“On the morning of 14th April they all participated in revering Dr. Ambedkar in by offering flowers and  candles to his statue in the Nagaloka gardens. That evening they visited localities and the Deekshabhoomi (where Dr. Ambedkar converted with 300,000 followers in 1956) to experience the enthusiasm and joy of Ambedkarites in Nagpur. Rejimon took them to our Ven. Hsuan Tsang Retreat centre at Bor Dharan on 15th April.

“They were very happy to visit and to stay at Nagaloka. In fact it is an achievement that through the work of NTI graduates we are able to spread Dr. Ambedkar's message and Buddhism in Kerala state”.

With Metta, Vivekaratna

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Anonymous Shakyajata said...

What a wonderful event, of such great significance for the Buddhists of South India. Congratulations to Nagaloka staff for hosting this, and Rejimon and Binoj Babu too. Wishing you all much success, in the footsteps of Dr. Ambedkar, and in turning the wheel of the Dhamma Revolution! with metta, Shakyajata

Anonymous PRANIL MORE said...

Its a very heartening and pleasant news that the people of Kerala have participated in the retreats held at Dhammaloka.

Also it is a healthy sign that people in Kerala have begun to show their interest in Buddhism and thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar.

I wish them a great success in spreading Buddhism in Kerala.


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