Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ordination at the London Buddhist Centre

Parami writes from Triratna's London Buddhist Cetnre to say - "In the presence of many friends, at the London Buddhist Centre on Friday 15th April, Helen Jeffries had her Public Ordination.

"She becomes Samavahita (long final 'a'), a Pali name meaning 'She whose attention is great'. Her private preceptor was Dhammadinna and her public preceptor was Parami".


Samavahita has asked that there be no cards or gifts following her ordination, she has set up a page for donations/messages, with Bodywise (Triratna's alternative health centre near the London Buddhist Centre) as the beneficiary.

Meanwhile, both the men's and the women's long ordination retreats have begun at Guhyaloka and Akashavana respectively, Triratna's two retreat centres in the mountains of Spain.  We look forwards to welcoming them back in June or July.



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