Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Windhorse:Evolution release Padmasambhava and 'Community at Work' videos

Windhorse:Evolution, Triratna’s largest team-based Right Livelihood business, write letting us know of two new videos they’ve produced, titled ‘Padmasambhava Festival’ and ‘Community at Work, part I’. Sugarbha writes from their base in Cambridge, UK, to say -

“In the first video you see us bringing our Padmasambhava period to end in late December. The video communicates why Padmasambhava is an important figure, and presence, to us during this particularly busy time.  The direct link is www.vimeo.com/16427718, or click the embedded player below.

Padmasambhava Festival @ Windhorse Evolution from Dharmachari Sugarbha on Vimeo.

“The second video, 'Community at Work part I', is the first in a series of three videos where members of our sangha here at Windhorse:Evolution share their thoughts on how working in the Giftware Industry has helped to transform their lives! Some of these people have moved here from overseas, it is a down-to-earth but at the same time inspiring account of real-life Buddhist practice”.  This is at www.vimeo.com/18838726 or below.

Community at Work I from Dharmachari Sugarbha on Vimeo.

Click on either of the embedded players, or the direct links, to watch them.

Enjoy... and look out for Parts II and III!

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