Friday, December 17, 2010

Seven Days of FBA

Free Buddhist Audio
Spreading the Dharma
Sharing our Practice
Connecting our Community Worldwide

Free Buddhist Audio has been working hard all year to provide opportunities for people all over the world to receive the gift of the Dharma and connect with the Triratna Buddhist Community. We are pleased to share with you Seven Days of FBA - featuring some personal stories from members of our online community, as well as updates on new features and a celebration of our 2010 milestones. Stay tuned for articles on Young People, Our Host of Volunteers, New Spanish Translations and more!

Seven Days of FBA - New Features

Responding to suggestions received from our online community, our team has been rolling out several new features for our services - a new and improved search engine, for both audio and text, as well as new navigation features that allow talks to be viewed as images or text. The result is A-Zed Dharma at your fingertips!

New & Improved Search Engine

Q. How do you make 17 million words and 1000+ talks easily searchable? A. With a lot of constant effort!

We're happy to introduce here the latest and greatest version of our search engine. It's been re-written to allow more flexible keywords and search items to improve the results given. We hope you'll find it useful!

Located in the upper right corner of the site, a panel appears when you begin typing in your search item. The default search is for audio, but you can also specify 'text' and adjust a few other key things, and then you're off and running. And we'll remember the way you set things for your next search - though it's always easy to change with a simple click!

If you prefer, of course, you can easily do more advanced searches in the text archive (we provide clear, plain English instructions!), which contains all of Sangharakshita's seminars, and is growing with every transcription we receive from our volunteer community. And with this, let's take the opportunity to thank our host of volunteers - your work helps make FBA a more comprehensive service that benefits many beings!

A-Zed Dharma at your Fingertips

We are also very pleased to announce new navigation features we've added to many of the pages within the site. Collections of talks can now be viewed as images or text lists, depending on what you prefer. You can also view the talks alphabetically, chronologically, or even (in relevant places) by date they were uploaded.

Themes sorted alphabetically by images...

Titles sorted alphabetically by text, newest first...

Our team is constantly working to think ahead about the needs of the community - five, ten, fifty years! As our archive grows with each new talk given around the world, we are developing systems to maintain our oral history and keep it flourishing and readily available to all. Modern innovations on the web helps us provide you with better access today and preserve our teachings for many generations to come. Please support us in our efforts!

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