Sunday, December 12, 2010

News from Triratna Mexico

Parami, a regular visitor to Mexico, brings us news of anew project at Triratna’s Mexico Buddhist Centre.  We’re printing it in both English and Spanish for the benefit of our readers in Mexico - and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world!  Ana, one of the project leaders,  says -

“Two Mitras from Mexico City, Juan Carlos Martínez and myself, Ana Martí, are giving yoga classes to 20 men who are homeless.  These men also have psychiatric problems. The yoga is having a wonderful effect on the men and they are thoroughly enjoying their classes.  These photos are from the Integration Social Center. That day our students had their new mat, donated by other Sangha members, and in three of these photos that we´re sending to you, they had already practiced yoga, and at the time of taking the photo they were shouting "one, two, three...THANKS! " to those who had given the mats to them...

And in Spanish -

“Dos mitras, mexicanos, estan dando clases de yoga a 20 hombres indigentes con poblemas psiquiátricos. Estas fotografías son del Centro de Integración social. Ese día los estudiantes recibieron sus tapetes nuevos, y en estas tres fotos que estamos mandando ya habían realizado su práctica de yoga, y a la cuenta de uno, dos, tres... GRACIAS! gritaron a quien les regaló los tapetes... 

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