Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ordinations at Padmaloka

The Three Jewels of Buddhism, displayed on the Kesa received by members of the Western Buddhist Order on their ordinationThe following men had their Public Ordination into the Western Buddhist Order on Thursday, 23rd October:

Karl Dettmarg becomes DHARMADEVA = The Deva of the Path (Private Preceptor Bodhimitra)

Edwin Bircumshaw becomes PRAJNANATHA = He whose protector is Wisdom (Private Preceptor Jinaraja)

Luke Watson becomes KALYANAMATI = He who has a (spiritually) beautiful, excellent, skilful, auspicious mind or intelligence (Private Preceptor Satyaraja)

The Public Preceptor for all was Saddhaloka, and the ordinations were held at the FWBO's Padmaloka Retreat Centre in Norfolk, UK.





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