Wednesday, October 08, 2008

11 women ordained in India

The following women had their public ordination on Sunday the 21st of September at the Hsuan Tsang retreat centre, Bor Dharan, central India.
The new names as understood in India are:-

Private preceptor Jnanasuri:
1) Meena Jadhav from Thane, Mumbai, becomes Kshantishri (She whose radiance is patience).
2) Chandraprabha Wankhade from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, becomes Kshantichandra (Moon of patience).
3) Suman Meshram from Amaravati becomes Achalasuri (Immovable Heroine).
4) Gita Pate from Wardha becomes Amitaprabha (She whose light is immeasurable/boundless).
5) Satya Teltumbde from Wardha becomes Amitasatya (Immeasurable Truth).
6) Vanutai Dofe from Nagpur becomes Aryashanti (Noble Peace).
7) Purnavati Pillewar from Nagpur becomes Aryapadma (Noble Lotus).

Private preceptor Vajrasuri:
8) Sarika Wankhede from Amaravati becomes Abhyanivita (Accompanied by fearlessness).
9) Rama Lanjewar from Nagpur becomes Abhyadana (She who gives fearlessness).

Private preceptor Karunamaya:
10) Savita Shende from Nagpur becomes Prajnasakhi (Friend of Wisdom).
11) Pratibha Sakhre from Nagpur becomes Muditamayi (She who is full of mudita, or sympathetic joy).

The public preceptor was Karunamaya.

This is the largest group of women to be ordained together in India for many years, perhaps even a record.


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