Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rijumati's travels - Part VI - Hiroshima, Kyoto, and more in Japan

Rijumati, an Order Member from Cambridge UK, has been travelling the world since the end of last year, making every effort to avoid flying. His travels have taken him from the UK by cargo ship to Sri Lanka, across India, to Russia and Japan.

He has now published part 6 of his travel journal, which includes visits to Hiroshima, Kyoto, Honshu, and elsewhere. His travels are often in the spirit and even the footsteps of the great Buddhist Japanese poet Basho. As Rijumati himself writes -

Ah, so wonderful
To meet a friend along the Way
The boats and trains
Grow weary of my solitude.

Part 6 can be accessed here, and you can find parts 1-5 on FWBO Features.

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Blogger Bahiya said...

I have become addicted to Rijamati's travel stories. Well observed, clearly written and accessible. I look forward to the next one.


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