Friday, September 05, 2008

Free Buddhist Audio News – New Podcast, New Browsing

Free Buddhist AudioWelcome to the news from Free Buddhist Audio, the free download, podcast and streaming service from the Dharmachakra audio and text archives. To receive more regular updates on the site, you can always subscribe to our own blog.


If you haven't discovered our free monthly podcast yet, then now is the time! Over 10,000 people now subscribe to this service (you can get it easily via iTunes).

The latest episode has just appeared online: a forthright and passionate talk by Vajratara on Chetul Sangye Dorje, taking as its starting point the great contemporary Tibetan teacher and his relationship to practice in the FWBO via his giving of the Green Tara practice to Sangharakshita. The main focus, however, is the need to practice the Dharma for others as part of a meaningful community, and Vajratara argues her case with a balance of down-to-earth humour and uncompromising vision.


Our 'browse' section is one of the easiest ways to discover the treasures of the Dharma on the site. If you haven't used it, we've just updated it and made finding the many little gems even easier. We recommend choosing any one of the 55 themes, or getting seriously alphabetical with our new 'titles' listing. Everything from the Dhammapada in Finnish to classics by Sangharakshita. Feel the depth.

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