Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dharma and creativity: fresh explorations

Vajradaka lived for 21 years at Vajraloka, the FWBO's meditation retreat centre in Wales, and for many years its chairman.

Now he's left and moved to the big city, London - and started a new project supporting "creativity". More specifically, he's facilitating forums and workshops on the underlying principles and spirit of Creativity, and he's created a website illustrating what he's trying to do. He describes it as "CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT: Exploring the Dharma in the context of creativity".

Outside of cyberspace you'll find him at 491 Gallery, a vibrant community arts and creativity centre in Leytonstone, London. They describe what they're up to as "an evolving Arts Piece, a meta-conceptual living room, a pirate utopia reclaiming neglected land and property and giving something back to the community with a healthy balance of art, regeneration, education, performance, gardening, and diversity of life..."

Vajradaka hopes his forums/workshops will support creative expression in all its different forms; the next events at 491 are on the 3rd and 17th of September. He tells FWBO News he's also giving one-to-one guidance on creativity - you can email him here.

Of course there's plenty else in the way of creativity going on across the FWBO/TBMSG - in london for instnace we have for years run the London Buddhist Arts Centre. They describe their mission as "to support Buddhist artists to explore the relationship between their art, Dharma practice, and the urban habitat".
Another new development is that on the FWBO Photos website (now hosting over 3,000 FWBO photos!) there's a page dedicated to showcasing the work of some FWBO Artists, including links to many individual artists' pages. Click here to have a look.

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