Thursday, September 04, 2008

Una Panoramica del Budismo - the 'Survey of Buddhism' printed in Spanish

One of Sangharakshita’s best-known – and longest - books has just been published in Spanish. The ‘Survey of Buddhism’ ('Una Panoramica del Budismo' as it is known in Spanish) was first published in 1957, and written when Sangharakshita was only 26 years old, at a time when Buddhism was only just beginning to become known in the West. At well over 500 pages it is a remarkable tour-de-force - and a remarkable feat of translation! The work has stood the test of time, with over 9 editions and numerous reprints in English.

The occasion was celebrated at the FWBO’s Valencia centre with a special visit by Sangharakshita, fresh from celebrating his 83rd birthday in Birmingham, UK. His visit coincided with their Padmasambhava Day celebrations, including a Padmasambhava Puja.

Spanish-speaking readers will be pleased to know that The FWBO’s Libros Budistas, also based in Valencia, offer some 48 Dharma books in Spanish for free download.

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