Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Film from Karuna Fund Raising

Following on from Big Sister, the 2005 documentary of a Karuna Appeal, a new film has just been released by Karuna.

On the Threshold (38mins) is another look at Karuna Appeals but moves on from the introductory day-in-the-life format of Big Sister. As an exploration of Dharma practice in ‘the world’, On the Threshold while being set within the context of a Karuna Appeal will be relevant to a wider audience than those interested in doing an Appeal. The interviews, with twelve fundraisers and trainers from three Appeals, present a frank and honest exploration of the fears that can arise when we try to communicate from our Buddhist values. It’s a film about the desire we have to realise our connectedness with others and a moving testimony of the joy that comes when we manage to step out from behind our limitations and realise that connectedness.

“Something had freed up. Some sort of kindness I would say. And all I could do was share that, there was more than I needed, so it sort of flowed over onto the door.” - Karuna Fundraiser

The film, as well as the previous Karuna film, is also available to watch, or download, from the Karuna Appeal Wesbite.


Blogger Gayle said...

As a professional fundraiser, and one who follows the Buddha, I think this is perhaps one of the best videos I have seen on the transformative value of raising money on fundraisers themselves. Great work.


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