Friday, December 15, 2006

Buddhafield acquires new land

We're happy to let you know that Buddhafield has purchased 20 acres of beautiful land in the Dartmoor National Park, in the west of the UK. This will be used for their annual children's retreats, plus other events and retreats. The 'Child-Friendly' retreat is Buddhafield's largest, with over 200 adults and children attending this year. Over the seven years the event has been running they have learned an enormous amount about how to host events that work for both adults and children - children of all ages from one upwards, and they are delighted to have somewhere that will hopefully be able to host the event reliably in the years to come.

'Frog Mill', as the land is known, is Buddhafield's second piece of land, the first being at Broadhembury, near Exeter and some 50 miles east of Frog Mill. This winter will see more work being done at Broadhembury to carry out the Permaculture design for the whole site that has been prepared over the past two years. In time it is hoped to prepare a similar design for Frog Mill.

The picture shows a panorama of the new land, with Dartmoor rising in the background.


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