Monday, November 06, 2006

WBO News

Following consultation with the Order the members of the Public Preceptors College have appointed Khemmadhamma as a Private Preceptor. Khemmadhamma will be ordaining John Keogh from Sydney (presuming that all goes well in the meantime) at the Australasian Men's Going for Refuge Retreat in January.

Dates for the International Order Convention 2007 are:
  • Combined 10 Aug - 17 Aug
  • Women's 17 Aug - 24 Aug
  • Men's 17 Aug -24 Aug (to be held at Padmaloka)
There have been three resignations from the Western Buddhist Order: Dharmacari Karunaghosa, Dharmacari Udagga, and Dharmacari Lokanatha.

During the recent UK Men's National Order Weekend Lokabandhu displayed some graphs showing the changing demographic of the order: in 1976 85% of order members were under 40; in 2006 85% are over 40. In thirty years the order has grown to almost 1500 members but still seems to be attracting people from the "hippy" generation, although the longer ordination process may also have had some influence on the change.



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