Friday, October 27, 2006

TBMSG Maharasthra

Dharmacari Kumarjeev sends this distach from India.

On the 24th Oct in Satara district of Maharastra, Sagar Bhagat and Dh. Padmaratna organised a retreat on behalf of Dhammakranti, for newly converted Buddhists and those desiring to become Buddhist in the future. With the help of funding from Karuna trust we could provide free lodging and boarding for retreatants and travel costs for retreat leaders. Sagar went to Tandas (a huntment area where homeless tibals live) and encouraged young tribal men to attend this retreat.

At the end if this retreat which went on for 5 days a conversion ceremony was organised where 40 tribals became Buddhist. Dhammacharini Vimalsuri gave refuges and precepts and Dhammachari Surangam gave a talk on significance of Dr. Ambedkar's vision and Buddhist life.

Mr Mane (75yrs, father of Laxman Mane, a great leader of Tribals in Maharastra state) became Buddhist. He said afterwards in his little speach, "I am free! I am free! at least before I die, I will die with peace and my heart filled with gratitude for Dr. Ambedkar." this brought tears in the eyes of everybody present. Most of the tribals attended this retreat will be given further training to become Dhammateachers, so that they can teach basic Dhamma to their families ad friends.



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